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E132 - Indigotine

Functions: Colour

Indigo carmine, or 5‚5′-indigodisulfonic acid sodium salt, is an organic salt derived from indigo by sulfonation, which renders the compound soluble in water. It is approved for use as a food colorant in the U.S and E.U., It has the E number E132. It is also a pH indicator. - Wikipedia

EFSA evaluation: Scientific Opinion on the re‐evaluation of Indigo Carmine -E 132- as a food additive (2014/07/25)

No or very low risk of over exposure
The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has determined that no population groups has more than 5% of members at risk of consuming more than the acceptable daily intake of E132 - Indigotine.

To evaluate your exposure to the E132 - Indigotine food additive, you can browse our list of products that contain it. See the list of products with E132 - Indigotine below.