E180 - Litholrubine bk

Risk of overexposure

EFSA evaluation: Scientific Opinion on the re-evaluation of Litholrubine BK -E 180- as a food additive (2010-05-07)

Names: Lithol-rubine BK, Litholrubine BK, Pigment Rubine, Carmin 6B, Lithol rubine BK, TANNIC ACID, Fuchsine lithol BK, D&C Red No. 7, D et C Red No. 7, Carmine 6B, Brilliant Carmine 6B, Permanent Rubin L6B, Litholrubine, Latolrubine, C.I. Pigment Red 57, C.I. Pigment Red 57:1, C.I. 15850:1, Rubinpigment BK, Rubinpigment, 4B-Toner, pigmento rubí, carmín 6B, CI 15850, D&C red 7 (USA), Lithol rubin toner BKL

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