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Support the development of the Open Food Facts mobile app to help you choose your food and improve everyone's diet!

A useful application for yourself… but also for everyone!

Since 2012, the Open Food Facts app has been used to scan food products, decypher their labels, but also participate in building the largest collaborative, free and open food database . The Open Food Facts app for Android and for the iPhone has evolved a lot in 2018 (we're showing you all the new stuff here and we invite you to try the new version !), And we have plenty of other ideas for the app to be even more practical, more useful and therefore more used, to help even more people choose better quality foods, and to continue growing the Open Food Facts database!

What will the money collected be used for?

The development of the application is open source and largely provided by volunteer developers (a huge thank you to them!). The money collected will allow to hire a freelance developer to help finalize the application and develop some functions. Thanks to a grant from Public Health France and your donations on HelloAsso and Lilo , we were able to hire a freelance developer for a few weeks which helped us enormously for the last version. This year, Public Health France renews its support, and thanks to your donations, we will again be able to accelerate the development of the application!

Features on the menu

  1. Improved user interface to make the app more intuitive and convenient.
  2. Simplified and faster addition of new products for more food transparency in even more countries.
  3. Detection of foods that are suitable for vegetarians and vegans.
  4. Alternative product recommendations according to your own criteria.
  5. Generalization of the offline mode to see Nutri-Score and NOVA group even without mobile network, side-by-side product comparison, and personnal product lists on all platforms (iOS and Android).

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A big thank you for your support !