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Nutrition facts

Average nutrition facts for the 17225 products of the Plant-based foods and beverages category for which nutrition facts are known (out of 23320 products).

Nutrition facts for 100 g / 100 mlStandard deviationMinimum10th centileMedian90th centileMaximum
Energy 975 kj
(233 kcal)
854 kj
(204 kcal)
0 kj
(0 kcal)
117 kj
(28 kcal)
828 kj
(198 kcal)
1980 kj
(473 kcal)
4410 kj
(1054 kcal)
- Energy from fat 484 kj
(116 kcal)
817 kj
(195 kcal)
0 kj
(0 kcal)
0 kj
(0 kcal)
101 kj
(24 kcal)
1830 kj
(437 kcal)
3830 kj
(915 kcal)
Fat 9.3 g20.1 g0 g0 g1.5 g27 g101 g
- Saturated fat 2.19 g6.15 g0 g0 g0.3 g6.6 g100 g
- Monounsaturated fat 21.8 g25.4 g0 g0.3 g9.4 g68.8 g82 g
- Polyunsaturated fat 12.2 g16.3 g0 g0.5 g5.8 g32.8 g75 g
- Omega 3 fatty acids 5.55 g7.65 g0.037 g0.215 g3.8 g12 g58 g
  - Alpha-linolenic acid / ALA (18:3 n-3) 7 g10.6 g0.068 g0.429 g4.7 g9 g53 g
- Omega 6 fatty acids 20.2 g19.1 g0.05 g0.88 g15.5 g56 g71 g
  - Linoleic acid / LA (18:2 n-6) 13.5 g8.57 g0.41 g1.1 g14.6 g25 g25 g
- Omega 9 fatty acids 46.8 g22 g1 g26 g50 g75 g75 g
  - Oleic acid (18:1 n-9) 30.7 g26 g1.08 g1.08 g21.4 g76 g76 g
- Trans fat 0.116 g0.799 g0 g0 g0 g0.1 g15 g
- Cholesterol 1.19 mg7.69 mg0 mg0 mg0 mg0.1 mg126 mg
Carbohydrate 30.8 g28.3 g0 g1.8 g15 g72.9 g139 g
- Sugars 9.52 g14.3 g-0.5 g0.3 g3.7 g26 g99.7 g
  - Lactose 0.00426 g0.0289 g0 g0 g0 g0 g0.2 g
- Starch 43.1 g23.5 g0 g2 g45 g70 g87.8 g
- Sugar alcohols (Polyols) 18.1 g29.4 g0 g0 g6.6 g96 g98.6 g
Dietary fiber 3.83 g4.63 g0 g0.2 g2.7 g8.3 g94.8 g
Proteins 5.76 g6.43 g0 g0.2 g3 g13.2 g59.1 g
Salt 0.778 g3.99 g0 g0 g0.1 g1.4 g107 g
Sodium 0.306 g1.57 g0 g0 g0.0394 g0.551 g42 g
Alcohol 0.35 % vol3.9 % vol0 % vol0 % vol0 % vol0 % vol60 % vol
Vitamin A 10700 µg210000 µg0 µg0 µg120 µg800 µg5000000 µg
Vitamin D 26600 µg446000 µg0 µg0.75 µg4.2 µg13.8 µg7500000 µg
Vitamin E 63.8 mg765 mg0 mg1.8 mg10 mg36 mg14000 mg
Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) 44.7 mg575 mg0 mg0 mg20 mg45 mg18000 mg
Vitamin B1 (Thiamin) 1.98 mg22.2 mg0 mg0.17 mg0.798 mg1.2 mg550 mg
Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) 1.38 mg6.59 mg0 mg0.21 mg1.19 mg1.48 mg140 mg
Vitamin B3 / Vitamin PP (Niacin) 14.6 mg95.6 mg0 mg2.4 mg12.8 mg16 mg2200 mg
Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxin) 1.46 mg9.32 mg0 mg0.21 mg1.19 mg1.7 mg200 mg
Vitamin B9 (Folic acid / Folates) 2250 µg35500 µg0 µg30 µg166 µg294 µg700000 µg
Vitamin B12 (cobalamin) 2.08 µg1.87 µg0 µg0.38 µg2.1 µg4.1 µg19.4 µg
Biotin 23.5 µg16.2 µg2 µg7.5 µg20 µg42 µg50 µg
Pantothenic acid / Pantothenate (Vitamin B5) 7.47 mg59 mg0.0011 mg0.9 mg5 mg6 mg900 mg
Potassium 1590 mg11600 mg0 mg82 mg330 mg970 mg155000 mg
Calcium 257 mg2560 mg0 mg0 mg120 mg459 mg69500 mg
Phosphorus 522 mg4300 mg0 mg140 mg280 mg500 mg84900 mg
Iron 23.8 mg287 mg0 mg0.6 mg4.7 mg11.7 mg7200 mg
Magnesium 139 mg136 mg0 mg51.3 mg113 mg262 mg2090 mg
Zinc 25.6 mg239 mg0.14 mg1.61 mg3.13 mg13.4 mg2800 mg
Copper 10.1 mg56.6 mg0.0167 mg0.1 mg0.4 mg1.8 mg350 mg
Manganese 5.67 mg15.9 mg0 mg0.0992 mg1.7 mg12.3 mg87.5 mg
Selenium 1730 µg6860 µg0.025 µg10 µg32.5 µg427 µg30000 µg
Iodine 2400 µg3340 µg20 µg32 µg1750 µg5000 µg14700 µg
Fruits, vegetables and nuts (minimum) 50.8 %21 %1.2 %24 %50 %80 %100 %
Ecological footprint
Carbon footprint / CO2 emissions 162 g155 g0 g0 g150 g335 g585 g

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