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2013 - Le Monde

Alimentation: face aux doutes, les internautes s’organisent. Interview croisée d'Open Food Facts et de Notéo dans Le Monde.


2015 - 1001Vies - France 5

1001Vies is a segment that takes the form of a discussion during lunch. It was only natural for Open Food Facts to be featured on the show.

2015 - Envoyé Spécial on sugar

We were featured on Envoyé Spécial in 2015, on a segment on light products. Envoyé Special is the #1 investigative show in France, similar to BBC Panorama.


2016 - Les Décodeurs - Le Monde

Les Décodeurs used Open Food Facts to study the French food industry.


2018 - France 2 - News at 13

We were featured on the national news during the experimentation on Nutri-Score. We had gone to super-markets running the experiment to photograph and check sticked products with our computation of Nutri-Score

2018 - France 2 - News at 13

Open Food Facts computes and displays the Nutri-Score according to the formula by Professor Hercberg.

2018 - Envoyé Spécial on ultra-processed food

We were featured a second time on Envoyé Spécial in 2018, on a segment on ultra-processed foods. Interviewing Stéphane is the investigative journalist and showrunner Elise Lucet. Envoyé Special is the #1 investigative show in France, similar to BBC Panorama.

2018 - France 5 - C'est Dans l'air - Sugar

We were featured on popular C'est Dans l'Air talkshow as part of a debate on sugared goods.

2018 - Femina Hebdo


2019 - A Table

Open Food Facts was presented in A Table, shortly after the support of Santé Publique France on the Nutri-Score was announced.

A food products database

2019 - C'est En France - The Scan Revolution

We presented Open Food Facts on France 24 as part of a segment on the food revolution we kickstarted in France (French version).

A food products database

2019 - The team of Open Food Facts at work - Complément d'Enquête

The team of Open Food Facts is gathered at Stéphane's home to design a new feature.

2019 - L'interview éco - France Info

Vidéo sur le site de France Info