E623 - Calcium diglutamate

Calcium diglutamate, sometimes abbreviated CDG and also called calcium glutamate, is a compound with formula Ca-C5H8NO4-2. It is a calcium acid salt of glutamic acid. CDG is a flavor enhancer -E number E623- — it is the calcium analog of monosodium glutamate -MSG-. Because the glutamate is the actual flavor-enahancer, CDG has the same flavor-enhancing properties as MSG, but without the increased sodium content. As a soluble source of calcium ions, this chemical is also used as a first-aid treatment for exposure to hydrofluoric acid. - Wikipedia

Risk of overexposure

EFSA evaluation: Scientific Opinion on the safety of the change in the production method of L-glutamic acid -E620-, monosodium L-glutamate -E621-, monopotassium L-glutamate -E622-, calcium di-L-glutamate -E623-, monoammonium Lglutamate -E624- and magnesium di-L-glutamate -E625- (2015-01-20)

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