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E127 - Erythrosine

Functions: Colour

Erythrosine, also known as Red No. 3, is an organoiodine compound, specifically a derivative of fluorone. It is cherry-pink synthetic, primarily used for food coloring. It is the disodium salt of 2‚4,5‚7-tetraiodofluorescein. Its maximum absorbance is at 530 nm in an aqueous solution, and it is subject to photodegradation. - Wikipedia

EFSA evaluation: Scientific Opinion on the re-evaluation of Erythrosine -E 127- as a food additive (2011-01-27)

Names: Érythrosine, erythrosine, C.I. 45430, C.I. Acid Red 51, Acid Red 51, C.I. Food Red 14, CAS 568-63-8, FD & C Red No.3, Red No. 3, FD&C No.3 rouge, nourriture No.3 rouge, Erythrosine, Erythrosine B, Erythrosin B, C.I. 45430, Tetraiodofluorescein Sodium Salt, Calcoid Erythrosine N, C.I. Food Red 14, Aizen Erythrosine, Indian Standards No. 1697, Acid Red 51, Pyrosin B, Tetraiodofluorescein, Eosin J, Iodoeosin